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Studying stirred yogurt microstructure and its correlation to physical properties : a review

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Microstructure is an important part of the understanding and the control of food properties as rheological properties, water holding and sensory properties. Stirred yogurt microstructure is being under study for decades. Observations at several length scales have been used to probe the structure. Some methods using optical techniques were recently introduced to provide a quick microstructure assessment of stirred yogurt. This review aims to provide a description of stirred yogurt microstructure and a short overview of the main techniques to characterize stirred yogurt microstructure allowing to highlight their complementarity. In general, stirred yogurt microstructure is described as a suspension of interconnected microgels into a continuous serum phase. While the relationship between yogurt microstructure and its physical and sensory properties has been discussed in numerous reviews, models or studies the impact of microgels sizes on rheological properties, water holding capacity, and creaminess, has not always been confirmed. Even if, other features such as microgels aggregation, shape, and compaction have shown to be involved in sensory or physical properties of stirred yogurt gel, a challenge remains for the characterization of microstructural characteristics of microgels without destructuring the network.
Food Hydrocolloids, Vol. 121, 1-15 (2021)
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Stirred yogurt microstructure , Microgels , Rheological properties , Microscopy , Particle size
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