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Unsupervised automatic tracking of thermal changes in human body

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An automated system for detecting and tracking of the thermal fluctuation in human body is addressed. It applies HSV based k-means clustering which initialized and controlled the points which lie on the ROI boundary. Afterward a particle filter tracked the targeted ROI in the thermal video stream. There were six subjects have voluntarily participated on these experiments. For simulating the hot spots occur during the some medical tests a controllable heater utilized close to the subjects body. The results indicated promising accuracy of the proposed approach for tracking the hot spots. However, there were some approximations (e.g. the transmittance of the atmosphere and emissivity of the fabric) which can be neglected because of independency of the proposed approach for these parameters. The approach can track the heating spots efficiently considering the movement in the subjects which provided a confidence of considerable robustness against motion-artifact usually occurs in the medical tests.

Applied Optics
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