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Normative data for the pyramids and palm trees test in the Quebec-french population

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Chouinard, Nancy
Daigle, Nathalie
Fradette, Catherine
Gagnon, Lise
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Elsevier Science
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Semantic memory tests assess long-term memory for facts, objects, and concepts as well as words and their meaning. Since it holds culturally shared information, the development of normative data adjusted to the cultural and linguistic reality of the target population is of particular importance. The present study aimed to establish normative data for the Pyramids and Palm Trees Test, a commonly used test of semantic memory, in the French-Quebec population. The normative sample consisted of 214 healthy French-speaking adults and elderly persons from various regions of the province of Quebec. The effects of participants' age, gender, and education level on test performance were assessed. Results indicated that participants' level of education and age, but not sex, were found to be significantly associated with performance on this test. Normative data are presented as means and standard deviations. Overall, the present norms are consistent with those of previous studies with Spanish samples.

Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, Vol. 25 (3), 212–217 (2010)
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Neuropsychological tests , Adult , Normative data , Percentiles , Semantic memory , French Canadian
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