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Functional and structural aging of the speech sensorimotor neural system : fMRI evidence

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Dick, Anthony Steven
Small, Steven L.
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The ability to perceive and produce speech undergoes important changes in late adulthood. The goal of the present study was to characterize functional and structural age-related differences in the cortical network that support speech perception and production, using magnetic resonance imaging, as well as the relationship between functional and structural age-related changes occurring in this network. We asked young and older adults to observe videos of a speaker producing single words (perception), and to observe and repeat the words produced (production). Results show a widespread bilateral network of brain activation for Perception and Production that was not correlated with age. In addition, several regions did show age-related change (auditory cortex, planum temporale, superior temporal sulcus, premotor cortices, SMA-proper). Examination of the relationship between brain signal and regional and global gray matter volume and cortical thickness revealed a complex set of relationships between structure and function, with some regions showing a relationship between structure and function and some not. The present results provide novel findings about the neurobiology of aging and verbal communication.
Neurobiology of Aging, Vol. 34 (8), 1935–1951 (2013)
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Normal aging , Speech perception , Speech production , Brain reserve capacity , Surface-based cortical thickness , Gray matter volume , MRI , Language
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