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Igneous phosphate rock solubilization by biofilm-forming mycorrhizobacteria and hyphobacteria associated with Rhizoglomus irregulare DAOM 197198

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Biofilm formation on abiotic and biotic surfaces was studied with two hyphobacteria, strongly attached to the surface of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (AMF) Rhizoglomus irregulare (Ri) DAOM 197198 and two mycorrhizobacteria, loosely attached to the roots of different mycorrhizal plants. When the sparingly soluble igneous phosphate rock (PR) from Quebec, or when the chemical hydroxyapatite were used as sole phosphorus (P) source, hyphobacteria Rhizobium miluonense Rm3 and Burkholderia anthina Ba8 produced significantly more biofilms than mycorrhizobacteria Rahnella sp. Rs11 and Burkholderiaphenazinium Bph12, as indicated by the crystal violet assay or by quantifying biofilm exopolysaccharides. As previously observed with planktonic bacteria, biofilms mobilized P by lowering the pH and releasing gluconic acid. The high efficiency of P mobilization by the hyphobacteria Ba8 was linked to the presence of more viable cells in its biofilm as revealed by the hydrolysis of fluorescein diacetate. Scanning electron microscopy micrographs showed a high adherence of the best P-solubilizer hyphobacteria Ba8 on the surface of Quebec PR. Hydroxyapatite porous structure did not allow a good adherence of Ba8. Ba8 formed an important biofilm on the hyphae of Ri DAOM 197198 with low reactive Quebec PR while no biofilm was observed with the high reactive hydroxyapatite. Results confirm the possible presence of specificity between the Ri DAOM 197198 and the hyphobacteria and suggest that the interaction would be regulated by the availability of P.

Mycorrhiza, Vol. 27 (1), 13–22 (2017)
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AMF-PSB interactions , Burkholderia biofilm , Phosphate rock solubilization , Rhizoglomus irregulare hyphae
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