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Cognitive strategies in sight-singing : the development of an inventory for aural skills pedagogy

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Society for Research in Psychology of Music and Music Education
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This research aimed to identify, describe and categorize cognitive strategies related to sight-singing within aural skills education. Using a constant comparative method, we carried out a thematic content analysis using NVivo to categorize strategies in a broad range of sources, including six interviews, five scientific publications, two professional books, and two ear-training manuals. Findings revealed 72 cognitive strategies grouped into four main categories and 14 subcategories: reading mechanisms (pitch decoding, pattern building, validation), sight-singing (preparation, performance), reading skills acquisition (musical vocabulary enrichment, symbolic associations, internalization, rehearsal techniques) and learning support (self-regulation, attention, time management, motivation, stress). Our cognitive strategy inventory provides a new framework for the study of cognitive strategies in aural skills research, and offers new insights for teachers who implement explicit cognitive strategies within their sight-singing pedagogy.
Psychology of Music
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