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Stope performance assessment at the Goldcorp Eleonore mine using bivariate analysis

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Comparing stope performance relative to the engineering design is of paramount importance for any mining operation. A database was created of 105 stopes mined between 170 m and 800 m below surface from July 2014 to November 2016 at the Goldcorp Eleonore mine. The database consists of more than 20 parameters defining spatial, mining, geometrical, geological, drill-and-blast, and temporal stope properties. Univariate and bivariate statistical analyses were conducted using the database to better understand the root causes of stope performance. The study has allowed parameters controlling stope performance to be identified. These are the spatial localization of the stope (mining horizon, mining lenses, and central location within the orebody), the mining method, and the orientation of the major structures relative to stope orientation, the global stope drilling pattern and the stand-up time.

International Symposium ‘Rock Mechanics (2017 : Cape town, Afrique du Sud)
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Open-pit mining , Interramp orientation , Bench face orientation , GIS , Integrated design , Block modeling
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