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Health utilities index mark 3 scores for major chronic conditions : population norms for Canada based on the 2013-2014 Canadian Community Health Survey

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Feeny, David
Tarride, Jean-Eric
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Statistics Canada
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Background: Utility scores are frequently used as preference weights when estimating quality-adjusted life-years within cost-utility analyses or health-adjusted life expectancies. Though previous Canadian estimates for specific chronic conditions have been produced, these may no longer reflect current patient populations. Data and methods: Data from the 2013-2014 Canadian Community Health Survey were used to provide Canadian utility score norms for seventeen chronic conditions. Utility scores were estimated using the Health Utilities Index Mark 3 (HUI3) instrument and were reported as weighted average (95% confidence intervals [95% CI]) values. In addition to age and sex-stratified analyses, results were also stratified according to the number of reported chronic conditions (i.e., “none” to “≥5”). All results were weighted using sampling and bootstrapped weights provided by Statistics Canada. Results: Utility scores were estimated for 123,654 (97.2%) respondents (weighted frequency = 29,337,370 [97.7%]). Of the chronic conditions that were examined, “Asthma” had the least detrimental effect (weighted average utility score = 0.803 [95%CI 0.795 – 0.811]) on respondents’ utility scores and “Alzheimer’s disease or any other dementia” had the worst (weighted average utility score = 0.374 [95%CI 0.323 – 0.426]). Respondents who reported suffering from no chronic conditions had, on average, the highest utility scores (weighted average utility score = 0.928 [95%CI 0.926 – 0.930]); estimates dropped as a function of the number of reported chronic conditions. Interpretation: Utility score differed between various chronic conditions and as a function of the number of reported chronic conditions. Results also highlight several differences with previously published Canadian utility norms.

Health Reports
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Utility scores , Canadian Community Health Survey , Health Utilities Index Mark 3 (HUI3) , Canada , Chronic Disease , Multiple Chronic Conditions , Health Status
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