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Development, implementation, and validation of a generic nutrient recovery model (NRM) library

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Claeys, Filip A.H.
Tack, Filip
Meers, Erik
Belia, Evangelia
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The reported research developed a generic nutrient recovery model (NRM) library based on detailed chemical solution speciation and reaction kinetics, with focus on fertilizer quality and quantity as model outputs. Dynamic physicochemical three-phase process models for precipitation/crystallization, stripping and acidic air scrubbing as key unit processes were developed. In addition, a compatible biological-physicochemical anaerobic digester model was built. The latter includes sulfurgenesis, biological N/P/K/S release/uptake, interactions with organics, among other relevant processes, such as precipitation, ion pairing and liquid-gas transfer. Using a systematic database reduction procedure, a 3- to 5-fold improvement of model simulation speeds was obtained as compared to using full standard thermodynamic databases. Missing components and reactions in existing standard databases were discovered. Hence, a generic nutrient recovery database was created for future applications. The models were verified and validated against a range of experimental results. Their functionality in terms of increased process understanding and optimization was demonstrated.

Environmental Modelling and Software (2016)
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Generic physicochemical model framework , Reduced PHREEQC , Resource recovery , Mathematical modelling , Numerical solution , Water chemistry , Anaerobic digestion model
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article de recherche