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    Natural sources of polyphenols as feed additives to improve rabbit meat quality
    (Éditeur non identifié, 2018-08-12) Kone, Amenan Prisca Nadege; Desjardins, Yves; Gosselin, André; Cinq-Mars, Dany; Abdelwahed, Mohamed Z.; Saucier, Linda; Guay, Frédéric
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    Effects of plant extracts and essential oils as feed supplements on quality and microbial traits of rabbit meat
    (Universitat Politècnica de València, Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología Animal, 2016-04-01) Kone, Amenan Prisca Nadege; Desjardins, Yves; Gosselin, André; Cinq-Mars, Dany; Saucier, Linda; Guay, Frédéric
    The effects of dietary supplementation with onion, cranberry and strawberry extracts and essentials oils on meat quality were analysed. Five groups of 48 Grimaud female weaned rabbits received the supplemented or the control ration; the experimental unit was a cage of 6  rabbits. Each experimental diet contained 10 ppm of added active ingredients. Rabbits were fed with the experimental diets for 4 wk before determining slaughter and carcass traits and determining the pH at 1 and 24 h post mortem (pHu) of the Longissimus dorsi (LD) and the Biceps femoris muscle, left and right, respectively. Cooking loss, drip loss and L*, a* and b* colour parameters were obtained for the right LD and for ground meat and antioxidant status (TBARS, DNPH, Folin Ciocalteu) was measured. Only the pHu of the LD muscle for the strawberry supplemented group was significantly lower when compared to the control group (P=0.04). However, we note that for the pH of the LD, the average was less than 6 for the meat of animals that received a diet enriched in polyphenols, compared to the control group. Plant extract supplementation did not influence meat quality traits, growth performance or oxidative stability. However, under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, our results indicate that dietary supplementation with extracts rich in polyphenols, especially with essential oils, had a small but sporadic positive effect in reducing bacterial microflora compared to the control group (P<0.05). In conclusion, plant extracts and essential oils can be used in a rabbit diet without adverse effects on performance and meat quality traits. This effect could be optimised by investigating higher doses.
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    Improvement of physicochemical quality of fresh pork loin during storage by natural polyphenol diet supplementation
    (ICoMST, 2012-08-13) Fortier, Marie-Pierre; Saucier, Linda; Guay, Frédéric
    Oregano oil and ground cranberry pulp supplements were added to the diets of finishing pigs to determine their physicochemical effects on fresh loin during storage. Two concentrations of oil (250 and 500 mg/kg) and three of cranberry (5, 10 and 20 g/kg) were tested according to a factorial experimental design. The control group did not receive any supplements. The meat was vacuum packed and analyzed after 0, 23, 45 and 60 days of storage at < 4°C. Samples were re-packaged under aerobic conditions after 0 or 23 days and then analyzed after 4, 8 and 12 days. The pH was determined on the Longissimus dorsi muscle between the 3rd and 4th last ribs, 45 min and 24 h after slaughter. Color was also analyzed for each sample and drip loss evaluated only on day 0. The results showed that no treatment had any effect on the pH of the meat, whether at 45 min or 24 h after slaughter (P>0.05). The evaluation of the color showed, during the 60 days of storage, a significant difference between the control and the different treatments for L*, a*, b* (P<0.05) for samples stored under anaerobic conditions. The lowest drip loss was obtained with 10 g/kg of cranberry pulp (P <0.05).