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  • Publication
    Functional and dysfunctional perfectionists : are they different on compulsive-like behaviors?
    (Elsevier, 2000-02-01) Rhéaume, Josée.; Talbot, Frédéric; Vallières, Annie; Bouchard, Catherine; Freeston, Mark H.; Ladouceur, Robert; Gallant, Line
    Both perfectionism and excessive responsibility have been linked to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Up to now however, a greater number of studies have focused on the role of responsibility. The present study compared compulsive-like behavior of people with different styles of perfectionism. Sixteen functional perfectionists (FP) and 16 dysfunctional perfectionists (DP) were compared on three different tasks in order to explore OC type behavior such as doubting, checking and intrusions. Results show that DP participants, compared to FP participants, scored higher on an OC behavior scale, took significantly more time to complete a precision task and precipitated their decision when confronted with ambiguity. The two groups also tended to differ in their intrusive thoughts following an unsolved problem; FP participants were more preoccupied about solving the problem than about the quality of their performance, contrary to DP subjects. Results are discussed according to theoretical models of OCD.