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    Inferential Comprehension in a Dialogic Reading Task: Comparing 5-year-old Children with Specific Language Impairment to Typically Developing Peers
    (Nova Publishers, 2015-08-01) Tarte, Geneviève; Filiatrault-Veilleux, Paméla; Desmarais, Chantal
    Purpose: Inferential comprehension is an important aspect of language development in the early years and is strongly associated with future academic success. Yet, this language ability has not been extensively documented in young children with SLI. Information in that regard would be helpful in guiding assessment and intervention in speech-language pathology. This study aims to collect data on inferential abilities of 5-year-old children with SLI. Methods: Sixty-four children, distributed in three groups, participated in the study: 16 children with SLI were compared to 26 age-matched and 22 language-matched typically developing children. Inferential abilities were examined with pre-determined questions inserted into a dialogic reading task. The performance of the three groups of children was compared according to the inference types and the quality of responses provided. Results: Children with SLI obtained similar results to the younger language-matched group and weaker results than the age-matched group. Significant differences among the three groups were observed for both inference types and quality of responses. Conclusions: This study provides new information about the inferential abilities of children with SLI and typically developing children aged 4 to 5 in the context of dialogic reading. The results offer some foundation for planning assessment and intervention in the area of inferential comprehension with young children.