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Nour El Fath, Mustapha

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Nour El Fath
Université Laval. Département de génie mécanique
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    Optimization/simulation-based framework for the evaluation of supply chain management policies in the forest product industry
    (Institute of Electrical and Electronic[s] Engineers, 2012-12-13) Bouchard, Mathieu; Nour El Fath, Mustapha; Marier, Philippe; Gaudreault, Jonathan; Jerbi, Wassim; Lemieux, Sébastien; D'Amours, Sophie
    This work describes a framework for the elaboration and evaluation of management policies for production and transportation supply chains in the forest product industry. The approach deals with the issue of coordination between the tactical and operational decision levels. First, we introduce LogiLab, a software system allowing to model the network and to optimize product flows in the supply chain. We than show how one can use this tactical aggregated plan to identify management policies that will guide day to day operations at the operational level. Finally, a discrete event simulation model allows assessing with more details what would be the impact of implementing these policies at the operational/execution level.