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Park, Chul Soo

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Chul Soo
Centre d'optique, photonique et laser (COPL), Université Laval
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    Time-domain large-signal modeling of traveling-wave modulators on SOI
    (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2016-06-01) Park, Chul Soo; Bahrami, Hadi; Sepehrian, Hassan; Shi, Wei; Rusch, Leslie
    Silicon photonic modulators have strong nonlinear behavior in phase modulation and frequency response, which needs to be carefully addressed when they are used in high-capacity transmission systems. We demonstrate a comprehensive model for depletion-mode Mach-Zehnder modulators (MZMs) on silicon-on-insulator, which provides a bridge between device design and system performance optimization. Our methodology involves physical models of p-n-junction phase-shifters and traveling-wave electrodes, as well as circuit models for the dynamic microwave-light interactions and time-domain analysis. Critical aspects in the transmission line design for high-frequency operation are numerically studied for a case of p-n-junction loaded coplanar-strip electrode. The dynamic interaction between light and microwave is simulated using a distributed circuit model solved by the finite-difference time-domain method, allowing for accurate prediction of both small-signal and large-signal responses. The validity of the model is confirmed by the comparison with experimental results for a series push-pull MZM with a 6 mm phase shifter. The simulation shows excellent agreement with experiment for high-speed operation up to 46 Gb/s. We show that this time-domain model can well predict the impact of the nonlinear behavior on the large-signal response, in contrast to the poor prediction from linear models in the frequency domain.
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    Single-fiber lightwave centralized WDM-OFDMA- PON with colorless optical network units
    (IEEE/Optical Society of America, 2016-03-16) Amiralizadeh, Siamak; Park, Chul Soo; Rusch, Leslie; Nguyen, An T.
    We propose and experimentally demonstrate a carrier-reuse, single-feeder, wavelength-division-multiplexed, orthogonal frequency-division-multiple-access passive optical network (WDM-OFDMA-PON) with colorless direct-detection optical network units and coherent detection optical line terminals. We examine two strategies by adjusting the frequency occupancy and the modulation format of the uplink (UL) and downlink (DL) signals. We investigate the impact of the DL signal-to-carrier ratio on the performance of both the UL and DL signals via simulations and identify impairments limiting system performance. As a proof of concept, we demonstrate on a single wavelength channel a realization of each of the two scenarios investigated using orthogonal frequency-division-multiplexing (OFDM). A quadrature phase-shift keying approach with a wide spectrum and a narrow guard band achieves 21.6 Gb/s. A 32-ary quadrature amplitude modulation approach with a narrow spectrum and a wide guard band achieves 14.5 Gb/s and a span of over 80 km.