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Khelifa Kerfah, Ilyas

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Khelifa Kerfah




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    Analysis of strategies to reduce thermal discomfort and natural gas consumption during heating season in Algerian residential dwellings
    (SUSB, 2020-03-31) Gosselin, Louis; El Hassar, Sidi Mohamed Karim; Khelifa Kerfah, Ilyas; Rouleau, Jean; Larabi, Abdelkader
    In the Algerian building sector, the heating needs are essentially satisfied with fossil fuels (in particular natural gas). The more common heating system in multifamily buildings is a gas heater in the central corridor of each dwelling. This system can cause important overheating in the corridor and significant gas consumption. The present study evaluates the energy savings and thermal comfort improvement, for three different cities of Algeria, achieved with a different heating system based on hot water radiators. In situ measurements were performed in a typical dwelling (which served as a reference case) and the results were used to calibrate and validate the TRNSYS model that was used for this study. A parametric analysis was performed by varying the location, heating system, envelope and windows. It was found that among the scenarios tested, it was possible to substantially reduce the heating needs compared to the reference dwelling and that the number of hours of thermal discomfort could be virtually eliminated. The most influential parameters affecting these model outputs appeared to be the wall thermal insulation.