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    Distinguishing developmental from chronic career indecision : Self-efficacy, autonomy, and social support
    (Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc., 2006-05-01) Deschênes, Andrée; Larose, Simon; Guay, Frédéric; Sénécal, Caroline; Ratelle, Catherine
    Career indecision can be divided into two categories: developmental and chronic indecision. The former is generally viewed as a developmentally normal problem resulting from a lack of information on the self and on the world of work, whereas the latter is defined as a pervasive inability to make a decision about one’s career. The goals of the present study were to test the validity of this typology of career indecision and to explain these types of indecision as a function of self-efficacy, autonomy, and support from parents and friends. Based on a 3-year longitudinal design with college students (N = 325), results provided validity for this typology by revealing the presence of two indecision groups (chronically undecided and developmentally undecided) and a group of students who are decided. In addition, results indicated that self-efficacy and autonomy are important dimensions that make it possible to distinguish between these three groups.