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Université Laval. Département de génie mécanique
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    Wood I-joist model sensitivity to oriented strandboard web mechanical properties
    (Society of Wood Science and Technology, 2010-07-01) Gendron, Guy; Cloutier, Alain; Grandmont, Jean-Frédéric; Desjardins, Richard
    Research on wood I-joist design has often used laboratory testing, but simulation using the finite element method (FEM) offers advantages, including the possibility to separately study different joist components. The objective of this project was to perform a sensitivity analysis using FEM to determine which oriented strandboard (OSB) properties have higher impact on I-joist shear strain and deflection. OSB mechanical properties were changed from 50 to 200% of the reference value to determine their impact on web shear strain and I-joist deflection. The model was primarily sensitive to in-plane web shear stiffness, which changed I-joist deflection up to 23%. The model was also sensitive to the web tensile modulus of elasticity parallel and perpendicular to joist length and, to a lesser extent, to web shear stiffness. These properties changed I-joist deflection up to 2 and 1%, respectively. These findings will be used to plan future work to experimentally determine sensitive OSB web properties required to develop a finite element model of the mechanical behavior of wood I-joists.