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Contributions and challenges faced by primary health care nurse practionners for chronic disease management : a qualitative study among key informants

2019-01-01, Vermette, Sarah, Bujold, Louise, Guillaumie, Laurence, Bujold, Mathieu, Pelletier, Jérôme, Lauzier, Sophie, Martin, Elisabeth

Background and Purpose: The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases is driving health care systems to rethink their operations. Despite numerous studies supporting the advantages of primary health care nurse practitioners (PHCNPs) in chronic disease management, implementing practices that fully utilize the skills of these practitioners seems impeded in the Canadian province of Québec. This study explores the views of leaders involved in primary health care regarding the contributions PHCNPs can make in chronic disease management and the challenges they face in doing so. Methods: Through semi-structured interviews, an exploratory descriptive qualitative study was conducted with 20 key informants across Québec who hold a variety of professional positions connected to PHCNPs. Conclusions: PHCNPs were perceived to be able to improve self-management support for chronic diseases. In reality, however, PHCNPs are mainly devoting their time to clientelein acute care, and current regulations governing their practices limit their involvement in chronic disease management.Implications for Practice: Integrating PHCNPs offers a unique opportunity for health care settings to redefine the roles of family physicians and registered nurses and to restructure practices toward a chronic disease-oriented system. A clinical manager should be designated to monitor this re-structuring process and ensure its success.