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Bertrand, Karine.

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École de psychologie, Faculté des sciences sociales, Université Laval
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    Integrative couple treatment for pathological gambling/ICT-PG : description of the therapeutic process
    (Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, 2015-09-01) Bertrand, Karine.; Tremblay, Joël; Côté, Mélissa; Dufour, Magali H.; Savard, Annie-Claude; Blanchette-Martin, Nadine; Ferland, Francine; Saint-Jacques, Marianne
    Problem gambling can have profound consequences on a person's life, consequences that range from financial, psychological to relational and that affect, in particular, couple relationships. Despite these widely documented relational consequences, most therapies for problem gambling favour an individual approach. Nonetheless, in the field of addiction, several studies have documented the efficacy of a couple approach. A few results from preliminary studies carried out with gamblers would seem to suggest that a couple approach might also be effective in this field. Our team thus developed the Integrative Couple Treatment for Pathological Gambling or ICT-PG, a therapy in which the treatment for pathological gambling starts by working with the couple from the very first meeting. First off, it targets the reduction or cessation of gambling behaviour, but also a reduction in the psychological distress of the two partners and an improvement in relationship satisfaction and mutual support. The usual work on diverse dimensions related to gambling is conducted with the gambler, and this in the presence and with the support of his partner. The treatment aims to eliminate those behaviours in the couple that might facilitate gambling and to reinforce behaviours that support the cessation of gambling. Another goal of the ICT-PG is for the couple to learn better skills for communication, conflict resolution, and mutual reinforcement, always with the objective of facilitating the reduction and cessation of gambling habits. This paper is a description of the therapeutic process of the ICT-PG.