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Gauthier, Julie

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Département de psychiatrie et de neurosciences, Faculté de médecine, Université Laval
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  • Publication
    Organization of the basal ganglia : the importance of axonal collateralization
    (Elservier, 2004-10-13) Gauthier, Julie; Sato, Fumi; Wu, Martin; Parent, Martin; Parent, André; Lévesque, Martin
    Recent neuroanatomical data obtained with single-axon or single-cell labeling procedures in both rodents and primates have revealed the presence of various types of projection neurons with profusely collateralized axons within each of the major components of the basal ganglia. Such findings call for a reappraisal of current concepts of the anatomical and functional organization of the basal ganglia, which play such a crucial role in the control of motor behavior. The basal ganglia now stand as a widely distributed neuronal network, whose elements are endowed with a highly patterned set of axon collaterals. The elucidation of this finely tuned network is needed to understand the complex spatiotemporal sequence of neural events that ensures the flow of cortical information through the basal ganglia.
  • Publication
    The axonal arborization of single nigrostriatal neurons in rats
    (ANKHO International Inc., 1999-07-12) Gauthier, Julie; Lévesque, Martin; Parent, Martin; Parent, André
    Neurons of the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNc) were iontophoretically injected with biotin dextran and their anterogradely labeled axons individually reconstructed from serial sagittal sections. Most nigrostriatal axons travelled directly to the striatum, where they branched abundantly. Other axons arborized profusely in various extrastriatal structures, including the globus pallidus, the entopeduncular and subthalamic nuclei, and branched only sparsely in the striatum. This heterogeneous organization of the nigrostriatal projection allows single SNc neurons to influence differently striatal neurons and to act directly upon extrastriatal components of the basal ganglia via a highly patterned set of collaterals.