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Dinan-Mitchell, Cynthia

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École d'art, Faculté d'aménagement, d'architecture, d'art et de design, Université Laval



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  • PublicationAccès libre
    Decoration, printmaking, and inviting spaces
    (2007) Dinan-Mitchell, Cynthia; Chaîné, Francine
    Defenders of traditional printmaking techniques (lithography, copper etching, silkscreening) argue that the medium should be protected in respects to new infographic technologies because it is one of the last artistic domains that preserve technical craft (know-how) and tradition (master printers). Its critics, meanwhile, see it as a rather inferior branch of the visual arts. They contend that printmaking is not capable of offering prompt and original responses to evolution in the worlds of art and culture. I believe that as artists we have to develop intellectual and creative challenges in the métier of printmaking rather than relying on technical demonstrations validated by handiwork. For example, my work utilizes printmaking for its infinitely flexible technical potential to serve my artistic preoccupations. It allows me to appropriate existing visual material in view of imitating ornate wallpaper that is then placed in an artistic context. Through a multidisciplinary approach to the métier I transform the gallery into a mise-en-scène of a comfortable and intimate domestic setting. Ultimately, my practice in print seeks to parody and question the fine line between art installations, interior decoration, and storefront window displays. The following essay illustrates certain strategies I employ in my artistic production. It is based on inquiries and discoveries that have feed my research in creation during my master's in visual arts.