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Cardou, Philippe

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Université Laval. Département de génie mécanique
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    Improving cable driven parallel robot accuracy through angular position sensors
    (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2016-10-27) Cardou, Philippe; Campeau-Lecours, Alexandre; Fortin-Côté, Alexis
    Conventionally, a cable driven parallel mechanism (CDPM) pose is obtained through the forward kinematics from measurements of the cable lengths. However, this estimation method can be limiting for some applications requiring more precision. This paper proposes to use cable angle position sensors in addition to cable length measurements in order to improve the accuracy of such mechanisms. The robot pose is first obtained individually by the cable length measurements and the cable angle position measurements. A data fusion scheme combining these two types of measurements is then proposed in order to improve the CPDM accuracy. Finally, simulations and experiments are presented in order to assess the benefits of using cable angle position sensors on the CDPM.
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    Improving the forward kinematics of cable-driven parallel robots through cable angle sensors
    (Springer, 2018-07-06) Cardou, Philippe; Gosselin, Clément; Campeau-Lecours, Alexandre; Garant, Xavier
    This paper presents a sensor fusion method that aims at improving the accuracy of cable-driven planar parallel mechanisms (CDPMs) and simplifying the kinematic resolution. While the end-effector pose of the CDPM is usually obtained with the cable lengths, the proposed method combines the cable length measurement with the cable angle by using a data fusion algorithm. This allows for a resolution based on the loop closure equations and a weighted least squares method. The paper first presents the resolution of the forward kinematics for planar parallel mechanisms using cable angle only. Then, the proposed sensor fusion scheme is detailed. Finally, an experiment comparing the different procedures for obtaining the pose of the CDPM is carried out, in order to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed fusion method.