The Amur River border : once a symbol of conflict, could it turn into a water resource stake?

Auteur(s): Lasserre, Frédéric
Résumé: Abstract : the relations between Russia and China have become much warmer since the beginning of the 1990s ; they put an end to severe tensions between the two countries. Now trade is expanding, and investment from China in the border area is stimulating growth along the Amur River. But with growth also come water withdrawals : sortages have already appeared in the basin. Prospects are all the more problematic as northern China is facing severe water shortages that could partly be solved, in the medium term, by a derivation from the Amur/Heilongjiang Basin. Would such a project be considered given the still volatile state of relations between Moscow and Beijing ?
Date de publication: 31 juillet 2003
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Ce document a été publié dans: Cybergeo : european journal of geography, No. 242, 2-37 (2003)
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