The role of Media in reporting child abuse

Auteur(s): Saint-Jacques, Marie-ChristineVilleneuve, PatrickTurcotte, DanielDrapeau, SylvieIvers, Hans
Résumé: This study looks at the short-term impact that the media coverage of children in need of protection had on the number of cases reported to child protection agencies. The number of reports (N = 11,646) made to these agencies in Canada was tallied each week during a 24-month period. During the same period, a content analysis of print media was conducted regarding child maltreatment and/or child protection services (CPS) to identify and count the number of articles published (N = 1,211) and single out media frenzy events. Results show a statistically significant relationship between media coverage and the number of cases reported to child protection agencies.
Date de publication: 30 novembre 2011
Date de la mise en libre accès: 11 avril 2016
Version du document: Accepted Manuscript
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Ce document a été publié dans: Journal of Social Service Research, Vol. 38 (3), 292–304 (2012)
Haworth Press
Autre version disponible: 10.1080/01488376.2011.627232
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